Price List$


# of Ponies

1 hour
** Or if our schedule permits, we use:
3 Ponies for 40 minutes.
This equals 120 minutes of ride time either way.

2 hours
Call for Pricing
3 hours
Call for Pricing
Additional 1/2 hour or 1 extra Pony
Call for Pricing
Trip fees (based on distance)


# of Kids
Amount per Hour*
addl. Face Painting
Time allotted
Face Painting
Up to 15
20-30 mins
30-40 mins
25 or more
45 or more

Note: For Face Painting allow 30 minutes minimum.
*Trip fees apply.

Costumed Appearances

We also offer costumed appearances.For example: Santa, Mrs. Santa, Fairy Princess, Sorceress, Batman and others. Call for details! Prices may vary.
*Trip fees apply.



3 Hour Rental*

each additional hour after $75.00

Common 120 volt electrical outlet is required to power the blowers for inflation.
We provide the extension cords for hookup!

*Trip fees apply.



Unlimited # of Kids

Ranging from
$185/hr to $350/hr

Face Painting additional
Note: Magicians are the perfect option for Kids older than 7 years old. They are a crowd pleaser and can keep the attention of the older kids. Allow 30 minutes for Face Painting for each 15 kids.
*Trip fees apply.

Petting Zoo

All day Zoo*

2 Hours *

*Trip fees apply.

Call for any additional Party Planning details. We are very creative and can supply most of your needs for any type of party or theme you have. We have over 30 years in the party business and are well known and respected in and around Kansas City and the surrounding area. We have recently moved up north and now serve the St. Joseph area too. We will be happy to accommodate any request.

NOTE: All deposits are non-refundable.